What’s New?!! Well We Have Grown…

29 Jul What’s New?!! Well We Have Grown…




Temporary Recruitment Hire


After careful consideration, we would now like to share this service for you all to experience!

With over 20 years experience managing Commercial and Industrial Temporary Desk, I wanted to introduce this service into SLB.

Over this past year, we have had our heads down, followed strategies and executed our new exciting project!!

As a result, we have been very successful in opening and growing our Temporary Division with our existing client base.  This has truly complimented our Permanent Division.

We would now like to open this service to everyone!   So, whether you need temporary staff as a flexible workforce, to cover unexpected absence or busy periods we can help.  Our local networks and expertise in managing temporary workers and teams of all sizes will ensure you can access the right resources when you need them.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

Thank you

Shelley Buckley

CEO & Founder of SLB Staffing Bureau