When A Pay Increase Isn’t Possible

24 Jul When A Pay Increase Isn’t Possible




When A Pay Increase Isn’t Possible

Let’s face it: there are times when a pay increase just isn’t an option. Perhaps there’s a salary limit that you feel that particular role has, which can’t move without a performance review of all your staff (or perhaps can’t be moved at all, full stop). Equally, a pay increase might not be feasible depending on how your business is currently performing.

In order to boost your chances of not only keeping that employee as happy and engaged as possible – it’s worth seeing what else you might able to offer in the way of extra perks if you don’t already offer them.

Popular Perks:

  • Gym Memberships
  • More flexible hours
  • Job sharing
  • The chance to work remotely
  • Time off in lieu
  • Freelance or contract work opportunities
  • Travel and allowances
  • A clearly-outlined training and development plan showing career progression


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