Choosing the Ideal Candidate

01 Mar Choosing the Ideal Candidate

In a competitive and candidate-driven job market, it goes without saying that the strongest employees get snapped up first. We recommend being smart about your hiring process, be efficiently and well organized to find someone who’s the best match for a job. 

This is one of the reasons we suggest you use the services of a recruitment professional, they will support you all the way, they will be extension to you and your right hand.  They will ensure all bases are covered, such as helping you create a comprehensive job description, thoroughly studying references and offering assistance in creating a structured and comprehensive interview process.  Allowing them to do the diligence for you.  They will do a deep dive and will help eliminate any BS.  

Guess what!  People do exaggerate!  A person’s employment history and skill level could turn out not to be fully accurate, or they inflate their abilities you – only for you to find out when they start that they’re not as competent as you’d been led to believe.  Maybe someone brings fundamental personality clashes to a team, which leads to mistakes or a loss of productivity, resulting in the company having to pay for their ever-evolving mistakes.  Whatever the reasons for offering a job to the wrong person, it can turn out to be an expensive error, much more than working with a Recruitment Professional in the first place.


Having the wrong candidate in a job, means productivity can take a hit not just for that role but throughout the business as a whole.

It might be as simple as a decline in business development, sales, mistakes made during key projects or missed deadlines.

These could all be things that cost extra time and resources to correct, or this might mean other staff have to pick up the slack and manage someone through tasks they should be able to do.

Team Spirit

If someone is sloppy and can’t carry their share of the load it puts more pressure on the rest of the team, and almost inevitably leads to stress and frustration.

if that ‘problem’ person doesn’t get on particularly well with their colleagues – particularly if there are definite personality clashes – it’s anything but positive for team building.

Extra Time

Managing a poorly performing employee can be a time-consuming distraction from day-to-day duties and can actually take around one day a week of your time!  Do does your business need this roadblock?  Chances are your business simply doesn’t have time for this nonsense.

As we know what an impact a bad hire can have on your business, we’re passionate about guiding you through the whole recruitment process – and help you add only the very best people to your team for long-term success and to help grow your company to its full potential.