02 Aug Company Culture: How Does It Impact Our Employees

Company culture is the values and ideals shared by those within the company. All companies have a culture. From the largest multinationals all the way down to the sole traders. To have a company culture is to share a vision, values, beliefs and habits between the people within that company. What Does Company Culture Mean for Employees? The key to a strong company culture is its employees. As much as some companies would like to think that every person within the company...

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24 Jul When A Pay Increase Isn’t Possible

      When A Pay Increase Isn’t Possible Let’s face it: there are times when a pay increase just isn’t an option. Perhaps there’s a salary limit that you feel that particular role has, which can’t move without a performance review of all your staff (or perhaps can’t be moved at all, full stop). Equally, a pay increase might not be feasible depending on how your business is currently performing. In order to boost your chances of not only keeping that employee as happy...

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29 Apr Creating a Functional Resume

    Creating a functional Resume Tailoring is sometimes challenging and not everyone is moving on or up in their chosen profession, many job seekers are just trying to find the right job! For those job seekers, a functional Resume rather than a more traditional Resume may prove more beneficial when approaching job applications as it focuses more on transferrable skills. This format is very useful when applying for a job that is different to your most recent role or if you have several gaps...

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